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Batei Midrash and Classes

Weekly Classes

Yakar contains a variety of voices and sounds. It is important for us to hear a colorful spectrum of opinions. And yours too - come make your voice heard.

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Yakar is first and foremost a home of Torah and community. Every week we meet to learn and teach, converse and share, every voice is heard and every voice influences the conversation

Open Beit Midrash
Beit Midrash for Soldiers

Soldiers who serve in the area and are looking for a place to study, meet, snack, and chat - you're welcome to join us!

בית מדרש פתוח 2
Bring Your Biblical Baggage
Tehilah, Hannah, and Hanna
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Finding Our Lives in the Sources
Yoni, Yair,
and Elishav

3 cups


3 cups


A variety of open and egalitarian options

1½ cups


The Open Beit Midrash

For beginners and advanced learners, religious or secular students

Free Entry. Delicious Refreshments. At-home Atmosphere.

The Thought of Abraham Joshua Heschel
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Sefi Dahan
Parshat Hashavua
Meital Sapir
Gemara: Perek Chezkat Habatim
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Rav Chananel Rosen
בית מדרש לחיילים
שיעורים 2

Weekly Classes


The Teaching of the

Ba'al Shem Tov

A Chaburah in Chasidut
Tuesdays 20:30

R 'Chananel Rosen

Facilitator of a study group in the Beit Midrash  Open

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