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Meet our Team

Nice to meet you, we would love to be in touch!


Eliana Hacohen

Educational and Spiritual Leader

Eliana studied at Migdal Oz Beit Midrash for Women and has taught in various Batei Midrash both in Israel and abroad. Among others, Drisha, the Pardes Institute, and the Open Beit Midrash at Yakar. She is pursuing an MA in Talmud at Tel Aviv University, teaches in the Hevruta program at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem, and is a Honey Foundation fellow.
Eliana made aliyah from Chicago, holds a bachelor's degree from Barnard, and is married to Azariah.

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Tehilah Wenger

Beit Midrash Group Facilitator

Tehila Wenger is the VP of the Geneva Initiative, a facilitator of Tanakh and Midrash study groups, and boxes in her spare time. She grew up in the United States, studied Political Science at Princeton, and made aliyah as a Dorot fellow.


Yair Berlin

Beit Midrash Group Facilitator

Yair is writing a doctoral dissertation at Bar Ilan and has previously studied and taught at Yeshivat Siakh Yitskhak.

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Rav Chen Sarig

Rabbi and Educational Faculty

Rav Chen Sarig is a graduate of Yeshivat Ein Tzurim, has rabbinic ordination, is a member of the Tzohar organization of Rabbis, a teacher in a Bnei Akiva Yeshivah in Raanana, and answers halakhic questions within the framework of the educational institution Shaarei Halakha U'mishpat.

In the past, he has taught classes in many settings dealing with various aspects of halakhah such as kashrut, halakhic issues in the area of marriage, and the development of halakhah in these areas, as well as classes in the Jewish thought and on the Parsha.

He has taught multiple series at Yakar related to halakhic development.

Rav Chen is a wonderful and a fascinating tour-guide who leads his students clearly in the intricate and wonderful depths of the world of halakhah.


Meital Sapir

Beit Midrash Group Facilitator

Meital Sapir has studied in various institutions in the United States and Israel and enjoys connecting the two worlds. She holds a BA in Religion  and Philosophy and recently completed her military service in the Israeli Air Force. She lives in Tel Aviv and in her free time looks for quiet corners in nature. She invites everyone to join her group in the Open Beit Midrash for a shared study of characters, language, and questions in the weekly Parsha.


Hannah Waxman

Facilitator of Discussion Groups and Initiatives

Hey, I'm Hannah. I'm originally from London, but have already lived in Tel Aviv for a few years. Day to day, I'm a programmer at Via, dealing with public transportation. Because I enjoy talking to people about topics that both bother and interest me at the same time, I organize a biweekly discussion group on contemporary topics at Yakar, Taking It Offline, and also organize events, lectures, and screenings. And because there are many things that bother me, or intrigue me, let's say :), I'm also part of the Bring Your Biblical Baggage team at the Open Beit Midrash - where we discuss difficult biblical passages. Another group that is close to my heart is our 929 group. 929 is a daily tanakh study initiative, where we learn one chapter every day, together. Every Shabbat there is a group from the community who meet in the afternoon to go over the chapters we have learned that week. You're welcome to join us!


Yonadav Monk

Beit Midrash Group Facilitator

Yonadav lives in Tel Aviv and is a software engineer. He is a graduate of the Hesder Yeshiva in Karnei Shomron and the Institute of Advanced Torah Studies at Bar Ilan University. He studies and teaches halakhah from its basic sources through its arbiters in recent generations.

גילה רוזן.png

Rabbanit Gila Rosen

Dean of Yakar

Dean of Yakar, Rabbanit Gila Rosen was born in the United States and has been involved in Jewish education for over thirty years. She holds a bachelor's degree in English Literature from Columbia University and a master's degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Manchester. Since making Aliyah in 1992, she has been teaching at the following institutions: Nishmat Center for Advanced Torah Study for Women, Pardes Institute for Jewish Studies, and at Yakar. In addition, she served as the head of the Lindenbaum Beit Midrash from 2002 to 2003. Gila lectures in several institutions and serves as a Yoetzet Halakha for women, on Nishmat's open hotline. Gila is a valued and in-depth educator who teaches on all areas of Judaism: Midrash, Halacha, and Tanakh. She is known for her exceptional ability in teaching Gemara.

חננאל רוזן.PNG

Rav Chananel Rosen

Rabbi and Director of Yakar Tel Aviv

Rav Chananel studied Gemara and Halacha for a decade in yeshivot from across the spectrum, was ordained by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, and served in a combat unit in the IDF as part of the Hesder Yeshivot.
Rav Chananel studied various meditation methods in India for several months, holds a degree in Psychology and English Literature from the Hebrew University, and is currently completing an MA in the development of halakha in the 19th century.

Rabbi Chananel Rosen is married to Miriam and is a father of four.
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Yoni Shadmi

Beit Midrash Group Facilitator

Yoni is the father of two daughters, originally from Kibbutz Kfar Blum, a past high-tech entrepreneur, and a present avid reader. He strives to transition from dreaming to being awake in small steps. He is very fond of studying Torah together.


Ariella Goodman

Beit Midrash Group Facilitator

Originally from Riverdale, New York, Ariella made aliyah in 2017. She's a proud graduate of the Heschel High School in Manhattan and Midreshet Nishmat in Jerusalem. She served in the International Liason Unit of the IDF for two years, and is currently pursuing a dual degree in Western History and Jewish History at Tel Aviv University. She loves discussing all things Israel and Jewish related. Despite her proud Litvak roots, Ariella runs an Intro to Hassidic Texts chabura here at Yakar. Come learn with her :)

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