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Community & Prayer

Join Friday night tefillot bustling with life that weave together classic Hasidic tunes and contemporary melodies.

15 minutes after Candle Lighting.

On the winter Shabbatot feel free to stick around for an evening kiddush following tefillot. There will be time to talk, snack, and get to know each other a little more.

Kabbalat Shabbat

Community Shabbat Tefillah - 09:00,
Children's Service - 10:00
After tefillah, join us for a delicious kiddush where you can socialize with both guests and community members.
After kiddush there is a short Parsha session delivered by members of the community (about 20 minutes)
Winter Shabbatot - Mincha at 12:00

Shabbat morning

Celebrating something? A Bar or Bat Mitzvah? A Brit or another special occasion you'd like to mark? Contact us so we can save you the date.

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